Company Values

Respectful Interaction

VAUDE is mindful in its dealings with people and the environment. Due to our constant inner reflection and unwavering idealism, we are quick and courageous to seek out contact with contemporary subjects and explore our own potential – leading to stories worthwhile in their making.

Ecological Intelligence

VAUDE is a brand with a conscience, and a company with a certified, high degree of environmental awareness. Our pledge of sustainability is authentic – it can be seen in our ecological past and future, in our products’ long-lasting durability, and in the standards we adhere to for all Green Shape products.

The right product

VAUDE does not claim to make everything. But we do claim that everything we make, we make it right. Right according to toughest standards, and just right for our target groups. Right in terms of both price and performance. Right for our times and right for the environment.

Mountain Motif

VAUDE’s roots are in mountain sports and we never forget where we came from. Passion and performance, enjoyment and nature – without the mountain, VAUDE wouldn’t be what it is today. It is our foundation and our brand symbol.

Enterprise as Family

VAUDE is a family enterprise involving 1600 “relatives”. Sharing common values and a lively team spirit, we extend an open invitation to all outdoor fans to come join our happy family.

Free Thinkers and Forerunners

VAUDE is open-minded, inquisitive and innovative. We tick, think and act differently than the rest. A bit brazen (but never reckless) is our take on forging new paths as pioneers, challenging convention and pushing the limits of the possible.


VAUDE is pressing forward, fuelled by two diverse poles of energy: our passion, love of life and unbridled motivation is balanced by an inner peacefulness, a casual approach and a steady patience – where there’s a will, there’s also a way.

Retail Friendship

VAUDE’s relationship to retail is close and accessible, fair and faithful, direct and very personal. This makes VAUDE much more than just a partner for retail trade. Offering high supply availability, an elaborate range of products and above all: success in retail.